Top Qualities of the Best Countertop Water Filters


Being able to say this is the best water filter for buying right now would be a preferred statement that buyers want to hear. However, it takes more than just a statement to agree about a water filter being the right choice. The parameters influencing the choice to vary and they matter. Therefore, you cannot say that only one filter brand or type will be the one for all needs for every person. On the other hand, there are things to use when selecting the best countertop water filter for you. Here are the top qualities of the best.


water softenersWhen the countertop water filter is not giving you the convenience you need, then it is not worth the money. The biggest reason for going with the type of filter is the advantages it offers over other conventional models. Therefore, you need to make sure that it will be allowing you use it with the least number of inconveniences.


The other quality worth checking out before declaring a water filter is better than others is the affordability. Consider its functionality and the rated durability of the filter and then make an educated guess on the filter’s value and price tag. After weighing all the features, you should see that the countertop systems are much affordable.


Filters should be very efficient and they should get rid of the contaminants in the water otherwise they would not be doing anything worthwhile for their money and the space they take. You expect the ideal filter to get rid of almost all the contaminants. You should ensure that after doing a water quality test the filter comes out winning. A water test kit is what you need and the manufacturer should have one available for testing the water filter before you get it installed at your premises.

Lead removal

The water filter should help you get rid of toxic substances from your water. When using public water, you have no idea of what contaminants might get to it before it reaches your home. Fluoride can be a major part of the water and the local municipalities often add fluoride to prevent tooth decay.

In other places, the water systems still rely on lead piping technologies because they made reliable water system infrastructure. However, they also tended to leach into the water they carried and this would gradually affect the health of the drinker.


You might not have the ability to check for the lead contaminants concentration in your water to tell whether there is a good filtration process ongoing. Nevertheless, you can rely on standardizations for the smell of water and taste, and for the ability to remove contaminants.

The NSF Standard 53 is for removal of asbestos, cyst, giardia, lead and volatile chemicals and it will show you that the water filter is the right one for getting at home for general usage. Additional standards or the equivalent standards in your area might also help you to verify that a countertop water filter is the best one.