fire-rated steel access door

Fire Rated Access Doors

Home Improvement

In most constructions, some important features are usually installed behind the walls, ceiling or under the floor because leaving them open might expose them to damage. Examples include pipes or wires that serve a number of purposes in our homes. You can always access them through specific openings whenever you want to conduct repairs or fix them.

An access door usually protects those openings. This is a small type of entry, which has unique features that provide extra protection to the different structures behind your wall. Most of them do not have handles because those are areas that are not usually accessed on most occasions.

One type of access door you can have installed in your home is the SF 2000 which is made using steel and is best for ceilings and walls. There are several things you should consider when buying an access door. First, you have to look at the surface where it is supposed to be installed. Does your wall wear out quickly?

You should go for one that will not damage your wall during installation. Make sure you pick a standard sizewhite-painted fire rated access door to have easy access to the various structures. The material should also be highly-considered when choosing an access door. Stainless steel is considered durable and also fireproof. You should also check the fire ratings of your access door. There are several benefits that come with installing fire rated ones. They include:


One advantage that comes with fixing a fire rated door in your home or building is that it will provide extra security to the structures behind your wall or ceiling. A fireproof door will ensure all the structures behind your wall are protected, therefore reducing damage and expenses that would have been incurred in repairs.

Environmentally Friendly

Most fireproof doors are usually made using materials that are eco-friendly. Recycled steel is used in most instances, and this prevents pollution or degeneration of the environment. They also help reduce noise pollution and offer proper insulation. If you care much about the environment, then this is the ideal type of access door.

Ease of Use

Fire rated access doors or panels are also easy to use. They have simple controls which reduce thesafety access door complications that come with the use of these type of entries. Most of them are usually fitted with a pre-installed operating system that can detect fire very fast in case of a breakout. You can control them using a remote after installation.