The Best Electric Dog Fences

This is a system that is used in keeping or puppies from wandering outside the home compound. They are used by homeowners in setting a perimeter within their yards. It has a radial collar that is worn by the pet. The alarm is set to produce sounds whenever the pet moves closer to the set boundary.

It is designed with a corrective static shock that controls the dog whenever it crosses the boundary. Dogs are capable of associating the alarm produced with the coming static sock. This will make your pet to stay within its boundary. There are two types of electric dog fences: wireless and in-ground. The in-ground type requires the owner to set up an underground perimeter using a wire.

It is one of the best systems because it can be customized depending on the shape of the owner’s yard. The wire is then connected to a power outlet. This system does not need a battery. On the other hand, the wireless fence consists of a battery-powered transmitter. It works by administering a shock and alarm whenever the pet moves outside the set perimeter. It is one of the portable solutions on the market. This article is going to help you in choosing the best wireless dog fence for your dog.The following are the main types of electric dog fence

In-ground Fence system

It is an in-ground fence been designed and developed by Sportdog brand. It is a system that is loved by many people because of the many features it provides for the dogs. It has a big wire that can cover an area of about 1.3 acres but can be extended further to cover an area of up to one hundred acres. It comes with a waterproof collar.

Second generation in-ground fence

It is designed with a 20 gauge wring. It has 14 big wires that provide a safe electrical pathway for its system. It also comes with a transmitter that can cover up to 10 acres. This system is highly customizable. Again, it is configured with a computer to compensate for extreme temperatures. This is the best technique for ensuring that the warning system is accurate. It is also equipped with a surge protector.fenced dog

Basic in-ground fence

It can be used to cover an area of 0.3 acres. When fully expanded, it can cover up to 5 acres. Its accompanying collar is waterproof and very light. It is equipped with a reliable surge corrector that provides optimum safety and security of the system. In addition to this, it has a high-level correction. It is ideal for both big and small homes.…

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